10 Best White Noise Machines For a Newborn Baby

As we have mentioned in previous posts, the womb that your newborn just came from was a very noisy environment. Even while you slept, your body was making a vast assortment of noise that your baby has simply become used to.

While you may think that making a room very quiet for your newborn to sleep in should be the right thing to do, that is actually not something they are accustomed to. Silence is a strange sensation for a newborn. White noise machines are a great additive to your baby’s sleeping space to help mitigate that, and they help you carry on with your day. Here are the 10 best white noise machines for a newborn baby.

What is a white noise machine or noise machine?

While “white noise” is a technical term that represents a sound similar to static or maybe something like a higher pitched fan, white noise in the consumer world can represent background noise. These types of machines can emulate the white noise static sound, but sometimes can go as far as to emulate sounds such as rain, waterfalls, and more.

The purpose is literally to create noise. A constant noise replicates those conditions a baby in the womb is used to. Since there are no jarring or sudden sounds that play, the gentle consistency is not only helpful to create noise for your baby, but they help you not have to be so quiet while your baby is sleeping. Depending on the location and volume of the noise machine, your baby might not notice you clanking around the dishes in the kitchen. 

White noise machines can be units that need to be plugged in, portable, or app based for phones that can be great for pairing with bluetooth speakers. Which you use depends and budget and needs.

Top ten white noise machines, in no particular order 

Marpac Dohm (Around $40-$50)

Let’s start out with a classic that has been tried and true, and has a seal of approval from the National Sleep Foundation. While there are a few different models, the basic function is the same. This classic noise machine creates an “iconic” white noise “whooshing” type of sound. It does this mechanically with a built in fan on the inside that can be set to different intensities. This creates different tones and volumes of noise.

While a tad on the larger side and no points for a creative style, simply plug it in and let it do its things. If it’s been around for decades, there is a reason!

Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine ($30)

This brand doesn’t just make large machines based on old designs. The Hushh Portable is the complete opposite of the Dohm. This digital device can create three variations of white noise, and is just 3.5 inches in diameter! It comes with a clip that helps attach it to a crib, stroller, or whatever else is convenient. It’s easy to recharge with a standard USB cable so your baby never has to go without it. 

WavHello SoundBub Owl ($40)

Sticking with the portable theme for a second, WavHello makes a similarly sized white noise machine, but with so many more options, and it looks like a cute owl! Clip this anywhere you want, and choose from 11 different noise profiles. If you download the company's app as well, you can use the speaker to play your own custom soundtracks, or voice messages from grandma!

HoMedics White Sound Machine ($17)

This is your basic modern sound machine that is honestly good for adults as well! It’s a simple, good sized machine that can take batteries or be plugged in. Not only will it produce white noise, but it comes programmed with some nature sounds as well! The good thing about something like this is that you can find what sound works best for your newborn and use that sound!

HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa ($25)

While this may seem like I’m cheating a bit using the same brand, this one is a fun take on the previous model targeting it to your baby. While it does have the same sounds as the model above, it comes with the addition of some fun lighting effects!

It will project images of animals on your wall or ceiling, giving your baby something fun to look at. Of course, you can turn this feature off if you don’t want it. The shape of the device is much more modern and appealing compared to the basic white noise version.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light ($60)

If we really want to get into the future with sound machines, this one is the way to go. Not only does it have a very modern design, but this is controlled via an app through your phone. Want a bonus? It has a built-in night light as well!

The app allows you to change the sounds, volume, brightness, and more. What is very unique about this one is that it “grows” with your child. It has functionality tailored to babies/toddlers of all ages that work best with the little one’s specific age. The future is here! 

Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine: Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother ($38)

This is a great (and let’s be real… cute) option that combines most of the nose machines on this list into one. Not only can you choose between different nature sounds, but you can pick between a number of soothing melodies as well. Of course it has a built in nightlight, but it can also project a starry night image on any surface. All that for under $40 is kind of hard to beat.

Big Red Rooster Sound Machine ($20)

For $20, this modern looking machine will give you six different sounds to choose from that are easy to select. There are no confusing menus or apps. Simply press the button you want, and it plays. This can be plugged in, or run off batteries. While the design is basic to fit someone of any age, it will fit in with modern day electronics. 

AVANTEK Sound Machine ($32)

If you're looking for something that is versatile in sounds and longevity, this could be for you. Like I said in the beginning of this article, a white noise/sound machine can be good for adults as well. Any age could benefit from one, and that is what this machine is going for. It’s not “cute.” It looks like a bluetooth speaker. However, if you want something that can work for any age, and has over 20 sounds and a headphone jack, this one is for you.

Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine ($36)

This little USB powered (or charged) device represents a modern smart home assistant in design. With a built in, soft glowing nightlight on top and 24 different sounds, it should be a pretty good fit for any baby that needs some noise in the night. It has a memory feature that remembers the last settings of everything, so when you find something that works, it can be that way again with the push of a button.

A white noise or sound machine can be a great addition to your baby’s nursery. It will help them fall asleep, stay asleep, and mask the sounds you make, so you can do what you need to do with less of a chance of waking your baby up. This list should have something for everyone on it. Style, functions, sounds, and budgets all represented so you can find what you like most… I mean, what your baby likes most!


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