Getting Baby to Sleep During Summer Months

Getting your baby to sleep during any night is difficult, but during summer months, it can be even more difficult. In the wintertime, you can bundle your baby in layers and swaddles to keep him or her warm. But with warmer weather, you may not be sure how to dress your baby or whether to use air conditioning to cool off your baby. Here are some answers for you.

What should babies wear to bed in the summer?

There’s no one right answer for how to dress your baby to sleep during warm months. It depends on where you live and your baby’s preferences. However, you want to remember a few things. 

This normally isn’t an issue in summer, but if you’re thinking about running air conditioning like crazy to keep the temperature down and bundling up your baby, you might want to rethink your strategy. 

You may consider layers or lightweight, breathable fabric for baby’s pajamas. A knotted baby gown is a really good pajama to have because you can tuck their feet in and tie a knot as well as pull the cuffs over their hands to keep them warm. When babies are tiny, they are not able to regulate their body temperature so you need to do all that you can to help your baby.

Some experts recommend that you dress your baby in one more layer than you feel like wearing yourself, as a rule, to help you decide what they should wear. So if you’re putting on a sweatshirt because it’s a little chilly, then you want to make sure your baby has on pajamas and a swaddle. 

But you shouldn’t just consider what your baby is wearing, but how their room is set up. There is a link to SIDS from overheating at night. That means you need to look at several things in your house before you put your baby to sleep for the night.

Setting up the nursery for your baby during summer

In general, your baby’s room should be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a thermometer in their room, it would be a good idea to find a digital one to make sure that the nursery stays at the best temperature. Review the thermometer as your start your bedtime routine to check that the temperature is going to be optimal for your baby.

During the day, keep the blinds or curtains in the nursery closed, but windows open to help keep the room cool so that you don’t have to use AC. Some people don’t have air conditioning, so you might consider having a fan running in their room. Remember that a fan only moves the air in a room, it does not actually cool it. You may also keep the door open once everyone in the house has gone to bed so that air can flow more freely through the rooms.

The one thing that most parents forget about the summer is that the sun is out longer. This means your baby may wake to the sunshine and wake even earlier than normal. To prevent this, install some thick black-out curtains.

How do I know if my baby is too hot while sleeping?

Especially as the days turn warmer, you may need to check on your baby regularly to see how your baby is doing. Follow his cues to help determine whether your baby is uncomfortable or too warm.

Is your baby warm to the touch?

Don’t check fingers and toes to determine your baby’s body temperature. Check the back of the neck or the tummy. If you feel like the neck or tummy is hot or sticky, your baby is too warm.

You might also want to check if they have a fever. Use your digital thermometer to make sure that you’re accurate with their temperature.

Is your baby’s heartbeat rapid?

While you’re checking their tummy, feel their chest for their heartbeat. If it’s rapid, try and cool your baby down quickly with a cool bath or a cool, wet rag. 

Is your baby unresponsive or lethargic? 

Is she not responding to your touches like she normally does? She may be in a deep sleep, but she may also be overheated. Try to start cooling your baby off.

Is your baby’s skin red?

This should be considered with all the other questions as well as your baby’s natural skin coloring. His cheeks may be flushed if he’s overheating and especially if he’s warm to the touch. 

What should I do if my baby is overheated while sleeping?

First, you want to try and get their internal temperature down quickly. Run a cool bath or grab a wet rag and wipe her face and body down. Remove blankets and clothing. 

You may consider calling your doctor if you feel like your baby isn’t cooling down.

Make sure your baby is hydrated. If you’re a nursing mother, you should increase your intake of fluids to help your baby stay hydrated. Make sure that you’re keeping your baby hydrated throughout the day and not just before bed.

All of these ideas should help you make sure that your baby stays safe and asleep especially during those warm summer months.

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